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I have two content types content-type1 and content-type2. Where I have used content-type1 as a entity reference in content-type2.

I have list of 50 contents in content-type2 and 5 contents in contetn-type2. now from content-type1 each 10 contents refers to different nodes of contet-type2. Now on all the 5 nodes of content-type2 I want to create a view block which should display the list of 10 contents which refers that particular node.

Any one can help me how to use contextual filter or relationships for this behavior?

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It would be helpful if your explanation were a little clearer in terms of fields and nodes. It is difficult to tell what you are asking. – Ken J Apr 6 '13 at 21:33
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You need to create a contextual reference of content-type1 in the view and limit your results to that content type.

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