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I need to convert an oracle table into xml and then return it to table form.

I converted a table using xmlgen, but I don't know how to reverse the conversion. I'm looking for an example of converting an xml file into a table.

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Here and here are working examples...

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You can create a relational view over xml table using XMLTABLE syntax.

e.g. SELECT warehouse_name warehouse, warehouse2."Water", warehouse2."Rail" FROM warehouses, XMLTABLE('/Warehouse' PASSING warehouses.warehouse_spec COLUMNS "Water" varchar2(6) PATH '/Warehouse/WaterAccess', "Rail" varchar2(6) PATH '/Warehouse/RailAccess') warehouse2;

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Maybe Hyperjaxb is what you need?

It can build databse schemas from XML and vice versa and generate Object Bindings to convert between DB and XML and vice versa:

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You can use XSLT to produce a CSV formated text.

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Depending on what you're ultimately trying to do, a simple way is to use XMLSequence() and Table() functions in SQL to convert a nodeset from an Xpath into a rowsource:

    t.extract( '/bar/@id' ).getNumberVal() ID
            '<foo><bar id="1" /><bar id="2" /></foo>' 
        ).extract( '//bar' ) 
    ) ) t
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This is for version < 10g. Nowadays, you would use XMLTABLE instead – Rob van Wijk Dec 28 '10 at 9:46

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