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I have Spring MVC + Spring Security project.

<http auto-config="true" access-denied-page="/security/accessDenied" use-expressions="true" disable-url-rewriting="true">

<intercept-url pattern="/dashboard/myaccount/**" access="hasAnyRole('ROLE_PERSON', 'ROLE_DEALER')"/>

<form-login login-page="/security/login" authentication-failure-url="/security/login?error=true"
                default-target-url="/security/success" username-parameter="email"
<logout invalidate-session="true" logout-success-url="/index" logout-url="/security/logout"/>

If a user goes to login page, if successful will be redirected to "/security/success" where I do more stuff in the controller with the session object (record userID, ...etc)

My problem is when an GUEST user is going to /dashboard/myaccount (which requires AUTH), he is being redirected to LOGIN page (Which I don't want, I prefer a 404 thrown). After that Spring Security is not redirecting to /security/success. Instead is redirected to /dashboard/myaccount.

I would prefer to find a way to disable completely this redirection to login page in case of GUEST trying to access a AUTH page.

Is any way to do this?


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We add a new authenticationEntryPoint:

<http auto-config="true" access-denied-page="/security/accessDenied" use-expressions="true"
      disable-url-rewriting="true" entry-point-ref="authenticationEntryPoint"/>

<beans:bean id="authenticationEntryPoint" class="a.b.c..AuthenticationEntryPoint">
    <beans:constructor-arg name="loginUrl" value="/security/login"/>

public class AuthenticationEntryPoint extends LoginUrlAuthenticationEntryPoint {    
    public AuthenticationEntryPoint(String loginUrl)  {

    public void commence(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, AuthenticationException authException) throws IOException, ServletException {
        response.sendError(403, "Forbidden");
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No need to create your own AuthenticationEntryPoint, use: org.springframework.security.web.authentication.Http403ForbiddenEntryPoint –  unify Aug 17 '14 at 22:28
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Found this: always-use-default-target="true"

I this way, my controller function is always invoked after any login.

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