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I understand that TabActivity is deprected. But my situation is like I have an application built entirely using Activities - without any tabs (and no Fragments). Now, I have to add 3 tabs at the bottom of this appliation. The first tab needs to be used to perform all functionalities of existing app i.e, I need to be able to navigate between all existing activities within the 1st tab. The other 2 tabs will contain 2 new functionalities.

Can any one help me with an approach? [I am against using Fragments since I have to rewrite my application to use Fragments instead of Activities - I hope that's sensible?]

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can you explain more. like in first tab you have list of activity,now what you want to do. means your tab remain in each activity.? or what? – Bhavesh Jethani Apr 6 '13 at 7:27
actually i want to call one tab from the body of another tab's activity such that tabs remain in each i have tab1,tab2,tab3.In tab1's activity(that's tab1's body) i have button which further calls another activity which is on the other hand tab2's body/activity...hope u understand what i want – user2153417 Apr 6 '13 at 10:38

Because of Activity you have to include Tab.xml in each xml file. this can be done smoothly by fragment. but you want 2 do through activity for that you have to make BaseActivity class in that TabActivity code you have to write.

->After that, Extends that BaseActivity in each Activity. in that activity you just have 2 call BaseActivity's method from each Activity for Tab Change functionality.

->Now in xml. you have to make one Tab.xml file which you have to include in each activity's xml file. so it will show in each activity..

hope this can be worked for you.

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