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int length = s.length();

if (length <= 1){
    return s;

else {

    return s.charAt(length) + s.substring(1, length-1) + s.charAt(0);


I'm just trying to swap the first letter and the last letter of a string.

eg. apple -> eppla

It compiled fine and works fine with an empty string or a string with one character only. But with strings with several characters, it says:

StringIndexOutOfBoundsException occured - see console for stack trace

Does tht mean there's something wrong with my code???

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Remember that length is one greater than the final element in the string. For example the String word is length 4 but charAt(3) is d –  Memento Mori Apr 6 '13 at 7:35

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Try this:

int length = s.length();

if (length <= 1) {
    return s;
} else {
    return s.charAt(length - 1) + s.substring(1, length - 1) + s.charAt(0);

The difference is s.charAt(length - 1). Remember, the string is zero-indexed, so the last character is s.charAt(length - 1).

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Thank you it worked :) –  Kimmm Apr 6 '13 at 7:42

you want s.charAt(length - 1) to start off

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