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$_SESSION are coming from another page.. when i run a search on my search engine the # of results shows up but stays on the page forever and ever.. have a look (gawd i need 10 rep points to post images)

well basically 0 results is always shown and below it are the results of the search which is always there as well.

0 results for "pepsi"
2 results for "flash"

flash - website tutorial
flash design - come learn from the best

this is basically what the search page looks like only the search result links and descriptions will disappear if the search result produces no results. i would like to have everything disappear on every new search.. even when i refresh teh page or come back to it the results from the previous search are there.

     <div id="searchPageDiv">

            echo $_SESSION['error'];

        } else      

            echo ($_SESSION['count']);
              foreach($_SESSION['search_output'] as $value){

                $title = $value['title'];
                $link = $value['links'];
                $body = $value['page_body'];

                $search_output .= "<a href='".$link."'>".$title."</a> - $body<br>";}

    <?php echo $search_output; ?>

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You must unset the $_SESSION variable after echo. –  Harpreet Apr 6 '13 at 8:48
ok thanks i guess i do some research –  arianna Apr 6 '13 at 8:52
@harpreet thank you that did the trick –  arianna Apr 6 '13 at 8:57

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This will be helpful:

echo ($_SESSION['count']);

Studying is best approach. Look for examples given in www.php.net/unset

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