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I would like to get the current chart width, I have tried something like this:




where chart is

chart = new Highcharts.Chart({ ... })

But doesn't work...


I would like to place an image (a helper) at the left of the exports buttons (responsive).

For the moment I have the following code:

$(document).ready(function() {
     chart = new Highcharts.Chart({
        chart: {
            renderTo: 'area1',
            type: 'bar',
            events: {
                load: drawImages,



function drawImages() {
    var chart = this;
    x = chart.plotRight - 50

    chart.renderer.image('/assets/faq.png', x, 0, 20, 20)

        zIndex: 100,
        title: "My title for displaying a tooltip"
        cursor: 'pointer'

But the images appears at the left side of the chart (using plotRight).

I know how to get the width of the div container of the graph ("area1"), but I like to have code more Object Oriented (because I have at least 5 graphs per page).

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In chart object you have access to chartWidth parameter, which keeps width of chart.




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+1 for illustrating another possible solution – damoiser Apr 8 '13 at 14:55
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Finally I have find a solution, using the method "container":


This returns the current width of the chart.

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Good solution. :) – SteveP Apr 6 '13 at 12:28
In a chart event I had to refer to it as $(this.container).width(). Probably obvious to everyone else, but I'm new ;-) – Michael Osofsky Mar 31 '15 at 20:49

You could use the xAxis extreme.max and translate it to pixels. Something like (not tested):

Chart.xaxis[0].toPixels( chart xaxis[0].getExtremes().max )

It feels like there should be an easier way, but I guess I would have used the containing div width. Maybe you could use chart options to get the containing div I'd and get the width from that.

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+1 for a possible solution (but I think that this one doesn't working for me, I get as size 14 when the graph width is 600), maybe I have find another "simpler" solution following your tip. – damoiser Apr 6 '13 at 10:31

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