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I have a dataset

test<-data.frame(expand.grid(x=seq(0.01,1,0.01), y=seq(0.01,1,0.01)))

(x,y) define cartesian coordinates. I would like to plot a filled contour plot, with xlim=ylim=c(0,1), and the color being z (a factor with 4 levels).

i could do :

plot(test$x, test$y, col=test$z, pch=16) but it does not look good.

The example looks terrible but in my data makes sense. I am familiar with akima::interp and filled.contour() but i do not wish any interpolation and z is not continuous but a factor.

Could you please recommend me a proper and pleasant visualization for my data? I would prefer base graphics.

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You can use image for example :


enter image description here

I think you can use raster package to deal better with such plots.

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This gives very different results that plot(test$x, test$y, col=test$z, pch=16). Must be wrong – ECII Apr 6 '13 at 10:56
@ECII My first example was just to propose image as solution.I update my answer to have the same levels order than your initial data. – agstudy Apr 6 '13 at 11:11

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