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I guess I'm being stupid but I've been fighting with this problems for many many hours now. I want to upload a css file as part of my joomla module. the manifest file is:

    <filename module="mod_wforcsliderresz">mod_wforcsliderresz.php</filename>
<media folder="media" destination="mod_wforcsliderresz">
    <!-- Any language files included with the module -->
    <language tag="en-GB">en-GB.mod_wforcsliderresz.ini</language>

I can overcome the problem by uploading the css directly but that's no good as a long term solution.
I've checked through FTP for the newly created folder media/mod_wforcsliderresz/css but there is no mod_wforcsliderresz subfolder within media.

I also tried to add a cssstfff above the tmpl definition but that wouldn't work. Any help would be great.


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I think your css folder (if css4c exists) is uploaded to media/media/mod_wforcsliderresz/css4c. Note that it's media/media. If you would remove folder="media" from <media folder="media" destination="mod_wforcsliderresz"> then it would be in media/mod_wforcsliderresz/css4c.

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Try changing this:

<media folder="media" destination="mod_wforcsliderresz">

to this:

<media folder="mod_wforcsliderresz">
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I wonder how is your answer different than mine (except it's less explanatory) –  Marko D Apr 6 '13 at 12:57

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