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After a user incorrectly inputs their login details, the webpage reloads and an error message is displayed asking them to insert their details again. But I would like the error message div to bounce a few times when the page reloads after submitting the user details (or just when the page is loaded).

I came across this script that does the animation I want but requires the .click event. How could I change it so it will animate just when the page is loaded?

$("div").click(function () {
  $(this).effect("bounce", { times:3 }, 300);


Also does this effect work with the standard jquery library?

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Put it in a $(document).ready() or $(window).load() handler instead of an element .click() handler. –  nnnnnn Apr 6 '13 at 11:56

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     $("#my_div").effect("bounce", { times:3 }, 300);


   $("#my_div").effect("bounce", { times:3 }, 300);
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try something like this FIDDLE

    $("#my_div").effect("bounce", { times:3 }, 300);
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