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I'm using a WebBrowser control and the text displays but it isn't using the linked css, it just appears as plain text. I'm populating it like so

webBrowser1.DocumentText = some_text;

In some_text is <link rel="stylesheet"href="PF.css"> along with the rest of the html

When I save some_text to a file and have the WebBrowser navigate to it it works fine webBrowser1.Navigate(@"C:\test.html"); and PF.css is in C:\

I've put PF.css in my project folder, where all the class files are.

How can I make the WebBrowser control use/display my linked css file? I don't want to save off my string to a file and then navigate to it.


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mshtml.HTMLDocument CurrentDocument = (mshtml.HTMLDocument)webBrowser1.Document.DomDocument;
 mshtml.IHTMLStyleSheet styleSheet = CurrentDocument.createStyleSheet("", 0);
 StreamReader streamReader = new StreamReader(@"C:\PF.css");
 string text = streamReader.ReadToEnd();
 styleSheet.cssText = text;

kind of a krapy way to do it, but everything I read seems to point to the webbrowser control can't do css unless you Navigate to a file/url and it's included in there. BTW you have to add a ref to Microsoft.mshtml.

Maybe future versions of this control could handle linked stylesheets...

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You can use inline style as..

           // all my style here
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If by put it in your project folder, do you mean your bin folder, or the folder with the .sln file in it? If it's the latter, you have to put it in the same folder as your executable (e.g. bin/Debug/PF.css, bin/Release/PF.css, etc).

Alternatively, you can embed it in the HTML using a <style type="text/css"><!-- CSS Here --></style>, and replace the comment with your CSS. If you don't want to hardcode it in where ever you get some_text from, you can dynamically replace it by loading PF.css:

using (StreamReader sr = new StreamReader("PF.css"))
    some_text = String.Format(some_text, sr.ReadToEnd());

That example assumes some_text contains the following:

<style type="text/css">
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I originally put it with the .cs files I tried putting PF.css in bin/Debug and it still doesn't work the inline css isn't an option – mike Oct 18 '09 at 15:18
See my edits. By the way, you would put PF.css in the bin/Debug folder if you're using the Debug configuration, if you're using Release, it would be in bin/Release, etc. – mgbowen Oct 18 '09 at 15:26
I'm in debug mode, stepping through the code. PF.css is in bin/Debug, doesn't work. I've tried your streamreader example, but it doesn't work, same plain text I'm wondering if .DomumentText is the correct way to add css... – mike Oct 18 '09 at 15:55

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