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i have a asp.net mvc webpage that queries a SQL server database for contact info. I have now migrated all of this contact info into gmail.

is there anyway i can replace the model section of the asp.net mvc site to query my gmail contact info ?

is there an example code to access this via some API?

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Gmail has a contacts API in various languages, including dot net. Here is a link to their example code for retrieving all your contacts.


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I've used the Google data API's to access other things (calendar info) and they're not that hard to get up and running in .Net. –  kersny Oct 18 '09 at 15:34

The included link is a nice description of using mechanize to scrape gmail. There are lots of libraries (in different languages) that can scrape gmail contacts... Unfortunately, they all suffer the same weakness: they break when google changes their pages.

mechanize and gmail

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