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How to add sorting feature for a grid in C#. Sorting by clicking the the column name of the grid.

Simple sorting like table sorting. How to make this functions?

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Did you tried anything so far? Please show your effort first.. You can read FAQ and How to Ask – Soner Gönül Apr 6 '13 at 12:30
check this out link – diogod Apr 6 '13 at 12:44

Try this for sorting.........

protected void RadgvData_SortCommand(object sender, GridSortCommandEventArgs e)
        GridTableView tableView = e.Item.OwnerTableView;
        e.Canceled = true;
        GridSortExpression expression = new GridSortExpression();
        expression.FieldName = e.SortExpression;
        if (tableView.SortExpressions.Count == 0 || tableView.SortExpressions[0].FieldName != e.SortExpression)
            expression.SortOrder = GridSortOrder.Descending;
        else if (tableView.SortExpressions[0].SortOrder == GridSortOrder.Descending)
            expression.SortOrder = GridSortOrder.Ascending;
        else if (tableView.SortExpressions[0].SortOrder == GridSortOrder.Ascending)
            expression.SortOrder = GridSortOrder.Descending;


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