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I use xcode 4.6.1 cocos2d 2.x, ios sdk 6.1 , iphone 6.1 simulator.

I want to communicate from objective-c to server by node.js with socket.io.

so, I tried objective-c library called socket.io "socket.IO-objc"


i succeeded a example "SocketTesterARC" in socket.IO-objc to communicate with server "node.js with socket.io".

SocketTesterARC :

(void) viewDidLoad {
   [super viewDidLoad];
   socketIO = [[SocketIO alloc] initWithDelegate:self];
   [socketIO connectToHost:@"localhost" onPort:8888];
   [socketIO sendEvent:@"join" withData:@"first room"];
   [socketIO sendMessage:@"hihihi"];

so, i applied "socket.io" library to new cocos2d project. i copied from example "SocketTesterARC"'s code to new cocos2d project.

but, error and not process!

Connecting to socket with URL: http://localhost:8888/socket.io/1/?t=16807
2013-04-06 21:26:35.129 cocos2dSocketioTest[4311:c07] send()
2013-04-06 21:26:35.130 cocos2dSocketioTest[4311:c07] queue >>> 5:::{"args":["first room"],"name":"join"}
2013-04-06 21:26:35.131 cocos2dSocketioTest[4311:c07] send()
2013-04-06 21:26:35.133 cocos2dSocketioTest[4311:c07] queue >>> 3:::hihihi
2013-04-06 21:26:35.154 cocos2dSocketioTest[4311:1b03] ADDRESPONSE - ADDING TO MEMORY ONLY: http://localhost:8888/socket.io/1/?t=16807
2013-04-06 21:26:35.325 cocos2dSocketioTest[4311:c07] didReceiveResponse() 200

server error log :

info  - handshake authorized brKX0Zfj9Vge80rxJfig
info  - handshake authorized JsDnUP2nPXUJh83UJfih
info  - handshake authorized pqoc5KS5hD2GsXcsJfii
info  - handshake authorized tX3OQfsgbs-pdWFIJfij

server code :

io.sockets.on('connection', function (socket) {
//join event
socket.on('join', function(data) {
    console.log('join : ' + data);
    socket.set('room', data);

//meesage event
socket.on( 'message', function(data) {
    console.log('room : ' + data ); 
    socket.get( 'room', function(error, room) {
        io.sockets['in'](room).emit('message', data);

plz Answer

add,successes client log :

2013-04-07 13:47:37.417 SocketTesterARC[1274:c07] Connecting to socket with URL: 
2013-04-07 13:47:37.424 SocketTesterARC[1274:c07] send()
2013-04-07 13:47:37.424 SocketTesterARC[1274:c07] queue >>> 5:::{"args":["first room"],"name":"join"}
2013-04-07 13:47:37.425 SocketTesterARC[1274:c07] send()
2013-04-07 13:47:37.425 SocketTesterARC[1274:c07] queue >>> 3:::hihihi
2013-04-07 13:47:37.430 SocketTesterARC[1274:1b03] ADDRESPONSE - ADDING TO MEMORY ONLY: http://localhost:8888/socket.io/1/?t=16807
2013-04-07 13:47:37.436 SocketTesterARC[1274:c07] didReceiveResponse() 200
2013-04-07 13:47:37.436 SocketTesterARC[1274:c07] connectionDidFinishLoading() nTOwJjgvumKn_kNM0alf:60:60:websocket,htmlfile,xhr-polling,jsonp-polling
2013-04-07 13:47:37.436 SocketTesterARC[1274:c07] sid: nTOwJjgvumKn_kNM0alf
2013-04-07 13:47:37.448 SocketTesterARC[1274:c07] heartbeatTimeout: 67.000000
2013-04-07 13:47:37.449 SocketTesterARC[1274:c07] transports: (

server log :

info  - handshake authorized nTOwJjgvumKn_kNM0alf
join : first room
room : hihihi
info  - transport end (socket end)
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On stack overflow sites you should explain what you are doing in a clear english sentence, and not just dump out a list of technical words and punctuation (seriously? <-> is how you say communicate?). I edited your title and the first sentence to show you an example. Secondly if you are this lost on a starter task, I suggest you simply go all the way back to a working sample and work forward from there. Asking other people to debug your first attempt (failed) to replicate their simple demo is too narrow and I will vote to close unless you edit further. –  Warren P Apr 6 '13 at 13:42
thanks, I do not live in an English-speaking country.So, don't accustomed English. I edited contents. There are still insufficient explanation? –  SooHyun Kim Apr 7 '13 at 3:02
what's the error? All seem good at first glance. –  Dslayer Apr 7 '13 at 3:40
add successes client, server log. don't occur "connection" event and "message" event –  SooHyun Kim Apr 7 '13 at 4:54
process stop in xcode , Thread 1 : EXC_BAD_ACCESS(code=1, address=0x30930825) –  SooHyun Kim Apr 7 '13 at 5:03

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i find,

cocos2d is disabled ARC therefore don't used SRWebSocket.

The way to solve ARC enable is to use.

use arc in cocos2d http://www.raywenderlich.com/23854/arc-and-cocos2d-v2-x

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