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By default, the tooltip appears as soon as the cursor enters the chart. I would like to control when it first appears in one of two ways:

  1. Wait for user to hover over (around) a data point on the chart. This way the user can look at the entire chart without the distraction of the tooltip.

  2. mousedown - is there a way to disable the default mousedown function and use it for displaying the tooltip instead? And because the tooltip and crosshair seem to be joined, perhaps the same mousedown event could fire the crosshair to appear?

number 2 would be best; any suggestions/solutions would be appreciated!

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Number 2 is possible to achieve by:

  1. disable default Highcharts tooltip
  2. create point.click event handler
  3. in above handler, create your own tooltip (it's simple div with some CSS)
  4. make proper position for tooltip (accessed via this.point.plotX and this.point.plotY
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Thanks for the help Pawel, will give it a try. –  Patrick Apr 11 '13 at 21:39
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