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I have a problem in my app. I have a form in which I'm editing some fields from databases. And 'time' field is always 'not in line' with the rest. Problem is with 'form:input path="time"' mark. When I change 'time' to 'date' or 'description' everything is nice. Here is image how it looks like:

And here is part of my jsp file:

  <form:form method="post" commandName="note" action="update_note">
    <form:hidden path="note_id"/>
    <div id="vertical">
        <div id="edit">
            <form:input path="date"/>
        <div id="edit">
            <form:input path="time"/>
        <div id="edit">
            <form:input size="30" path="description"/>

Time in database is TIME type and in java class I'am mapping it to java.sql.Time object. Any ideas what can be wrong with this 'time' in input path?

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Put the size attribute on input field time and date

<form:input size="20" path="date"/>
<form:input size="20" path="time"/>
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OMG! That was so easy, I set: <form:input size="18" path="time"/> and it works. But this is still strange for me. Why if I put this form in the same div as the rest I have this difference... –  caro Apr 6 '13 at 14:29
because of markup needs CSS for sure. –  Roman C Apr 6 '13 at 14:34
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