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I am having a problem with the syntax highlighting for HTML (and plaintext) in Sublime Text 2, as it only grays out the lines as in the image.

enter image description here

Whenever I shift to Python, JavaScript, and other languages, the highlighting works fine. I am new to Sublime Text 2, so it is probably an easy answer, but I did not know how to formulate the issue without showing an image.

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I dont't think it is a problem, it's just how the theme "All Hallow's Eve" works: You can change the this color inside this block: (Preferences->Browse Packages>Color Scheme - Default->All Hallow's Eve)

        <string>Text base</string>
            <string>#434242</string> #THIS IS GRAY COLOR YOU WANNA CHANGE.
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I found the problem; it seems like the color scheme "All Hallow's Eve" is not working very well on HTML, so I simply changed the color scheme.

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