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First of all, sorry if the title is wrong because I don't know if these are actually called rotating loaders or not. This is what I am talking about: JSFiddle

I have 2 problems with these loaders,

  • in .chrome-loader, if I set height: 50px; width: 50px;, and and in .ring-maker set top: 2.5px; left: 2.5px it doesn't work very well. Does px unit support values upto 2 decimal places? I guess they don't. So what can I do to fix it? I basically want to make it of same size as the ones above. Perhaps, some other unit?

  • For .win8-loader I set this CSS animation for first dot.

    @-webkit-keyframe win8dot1 {
        0% {left: -10px;}
        33% {left: 500px;}
        66% {left: 780px;}
        100% {left: 1280px;}

    But it doesn't work. The first dot doesn't even move.

PS: are names like abc1-de2 allowed for keyframes?

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You have to correct 2 problems

Your CSS

.win8-loader .dot1 { -webkit-animation: win8-dot1 2.5s infinite linear; }

@-webkit-keyframe win8dot1 {


.win8-loader .dot1 { -webkit-animation: win8dot1 2.5s infinite linear; }

@-webkit-keyframes win8dot1 {
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