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I have an javascript object as follows in my controller:

$scope.options = [
        "actualValue": "age",
        "displayValue": "Age"
        "actualValue": "maiden",
        "displayValue": "Maiden Name"

Now, I am displaying a select element in which the options of the element will be the values in the "displayValue" property written above:

<select ng-options="entry.displayValue for entry in options" ng-model="biodata">
    <options>-- Select a BioData Option --</option>

Now, my problem is that the ng-model for the select element above when the user select a value from the dropdown is the "displayValue" property. I wish that the ng-model be the "actualValue" property.

How can I achieve this?

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<select ng-options="entry.actualValue as entry.displayValue for entry in options"></select>


Already answered here: How to set value property in angularjs ng-options?

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