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I'm trying to install gtest with my packet manager Home Brew but there is no repository for it. I tried to download gtest frome code.google but i cannt understand how to install it, because cmake and make doesnt solve the problem

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For the question 'Why there is no repository for it?' see related gtest FAQ question. But you can create formula by yourself if you want - see this post for the details (but don't sure if it will work for 1.6).

But I suggest you just install gtest: read the readme for the detailed instructions. There are few simple steps:
Download and extract sources to some directory gtest_dir.
Build object files:

g++ -I$gtest_dir/include -I$gtest_dir -c $gtest_dir/src/gtest-all.cc
g++ -I$gtest_dir/include -I$gtest_dir -c $gtest_dir/src/gtest_main.cc


ar -rv libgtest.a gtest-all.o
ar -rv libgtest_main.a gtest_main.o

Note: if you want to build gtest with support of C++11 and libc++ you need to do some extra work:

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