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My question is related to below post, which doesn't have clear answer yet.

Is there only Ajax part of jQuery?

I would like to user only Ajax part of jQuery and do not want to use the whole library. Can anyone help to for the same.

In one answer from the above post I found this ajax library

As mentioned there, I tried below commands but, I do not have password to extract the jquery part.

git clone
git checkout ajaxonly

It asks for the password. Does any expert know, how to get Ajax part? Or any other easiest way to extract ajax?

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follow this steps:… – Noypi Gilas Jul 10 '14 at 9:44

Follow the instructions for building a custom version of jQuery on the jQuery github page. (note that this only works with jQuery 1.9+)

After you have cloned the repository and installed grunt you should be able to then build a version of jQuery that only includes ajax with:

grunt custom:-css,-deprecated,-dimensions,-effects,-event-alias,-offset,-sizzle

If you need the convenience of an ajax wrapper/normalizing without jQuery, my suggestion would be to use ender and build a package with ajax library like reqwest. This will reduce the filesize of your ajax functionality greatly, while giving you the ability to update / add on additional library-like functionality in the future.

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The answer is "no, there is no available resource that gives you just the AJAX portion of the jQuery library". However, what you can do is go to and navigate until you find the version that you want. Click the link to that version's .js CDN, but NOT their minified version (.min.js). Because jQuery is open source, you are permitted to delete everything you don't want, or copy everything that you do want. You will have to do some research into what core functions you will need, and I would suggest that you minify your extracted version when you are done.

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck! :)

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