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Is there any way to perform a urlfilter from level 1-5 and a different urlfilter from 5 onwards. I need to extract pdf files which will be only after a given level (just to experiment).

The pdf files will be stored in a binary format in the crawl/segment folder. I would like to extract these pdf files and store all in 1 folder. I have been able to write a java program to identify a pdf file. I cant figure how to make a pdf file with its content having same font, page #, images etc.

  1. perform crawl
  2. merge segment data
  3. run makePDF.java

this only identifies pdf files:

    String uri = "/usr/local/nutch/framework/apache-nutch-1.6/merged572/20130407131335";
    Configuration conf = new Configuration();
    FileSystem fs = FileSystem.get(URI.create(uri), conf);
    Path path = new Path(uri, Content.DIR_NAME + "/part-00000/data");

    SequenceFile.Reader reader = null;
    try {
      reader = new SequenceFile.Reader(fs, path, conf);
      Text key = new Text();
      Content content = new Content();
      while (reader.next(key, content)) {
          String contentType = content.getContentType();
          if (contentType.equalsIgnoreCase("application/pdf")) {
            //System.out.write( content.getContent(), 0, content.getContent().length );
        finally {
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content.getContent() will return the content in bytes.
Just write the bytes to a file using BufferedOutputStream and save it as a pdf

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