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How can I build a graph in Haskell having :

type Node = Int
type Arc = (Node, Node) 

and the function:

class Graph g where
         build :: [Node] -> [Arc] -> g
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Graph is not a type, it's a type class. You need to define a suitable type first. –  n.m. Apr 6 '13 at 17:35

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Currently you just a have a typeclass, which is sorta like an OOP interface. Just like an interface, you can't actually "construct" a class. You need to select a concrete implementation (using the keyword data) and then implement the function build on it. This is what you'd then pass around to functions that want a Graph

For a simple example:

--The concrete data type
data NaiveGraph = NG [Node] [Arc]

--Now we make it an instance of Graph
instance Graph NaiveGraph where
   build = NG

This may or may not be an acceptable instance depending on what you want to do. More information on your actual goals would help me suggest a better representation.

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