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I'm working on a UI module: a search form that shows/hide depending if the user has hovered over a target area, or still has focus on the input text field. I just have another tweak to take care off...

I want to be able to cancel the animation (e.g. fadeout) if I happen to hover over the target area. At the moment, stop() doesn't seem to do the job.

Tips greatly appreciated. TIA

Here's the demo:


The current script:

var topbar_search_hotspot =  $('form[role="search"]');
var topbar_search_hideshow = $('form[role="search"] .row');

function fadeOutSearch() {
    var element = $('#s');
    if (!element.hasClass("focus") && !element.hasClass("hover") && element.val() == "") {
        $('form[role="search"] .row:visible').fadeOut("slow");

topbar_search_hotspot.blur(function() {
    setTimeout(fadeOutSearch, 1000);
}).focus(function() {

topbar_search_hotspot.hover(function() {
    if (topbar_search_hideshow.is(':animated')) {
    } else {
}, function(e) {
    setTimeout(fadeOutSearch, 1000);

topbar_search_hotspot.hover(function() {
}, function(){
    setTimeout(fadeOutSearch, 1000);
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Does replacing topbar_search_hideshow.stop().animate({opacity:'100'}); with topbar_search_hideshow.stop(false,true).hide().fadeIn(); fix it as demonstrated in the following fiddle? http://jsfiddle.net/7BDCB/

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It seems to still go through w/ the fadeout. You can replicate the behavior by just hovering in-and-out of the gray area. –  piku Apr 7 '13 at 4:46

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