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Following is my PHP code :

<tr  <?php echo $backclr; ?>>                            
    <td class="hashtd"><a href="#"><?php echo "#" . $row['hashtag']; ?></a></td>
    <td class="hashtd">                                    
        <script type = "text/javascript">
            submitTerms("<?php echo $row['hashtag']; ?>", "1", "2");
        <div id="totalTweets<?php echo $row['hashtag']; ?>"><span></span></div>
        <div class="loading"><img src="img/preloader.gif"/></div>                                    

endwhile; ?>

Here I am calling javascript function submitTerms(); and passing the php argument in that function.

Following is the javascript code:

<script type="text/javascript">

            var getPage = new RegExp( /page=([^&]+)/ );
            var url = "";
            var search, page, pageTotal, tweets, loading;
            var beforeCounter = "<b>";
            var afterCounter = "</b>";
            var totalTweets = 0;

            function getTweets(search, page, pageTotal) {
                $.getJSON( url + search + '&page=' + page + '&callback=?',
                function(data) {
                    if( data.results.length != 0 && page != pageTotal ) {
                        //$('#pagesDone span').html(page);
                    else {

            function showTotal(search) {
                $('#totalTweets'+search+' span').html(beforeCounter + totalTweets + afterCounter);
                totalTweets = 0;
                loading = false;

            function getData(data) {
                tweets = data.results;
                totalTweets += tweets.length;
                nextPage = getPage.exec(data.next_page);
                if( nextPage == null ) {
                nextPage = nextPage[1];
                getTweets(search, nextPage, pageTotal);

            function submitTerms(query, pg, pgtot) {

                $('#totalTweets'+query+' span').html('');

                search = query;
                page = pg;
                pageTotal = pgtot;

                if( search == '' ) {
                    alert('No search query found');
                loading = true;                
                getTweets(search, page, pageTotal);

            function status() {
                if( loading ) $('.loading').show();
                else $('.loading').hide();

            $(function() {
                loading = false;
                setInterval(status, 10);

The above the javascript is returning the twitter hashtag count. However I want hashcount for each row in <td><div id="totalTweets<?php echo $row['hashtag']; ?>"></td>. Also I am using the different id's here in div tag for getting it.

The issue is its displaying the count only for last row not for all row. Example : If there are 5 records in database then its showing hashtag count only for last row. When I debugged the code then its showing count for all hashtag but the final rendering is only ln last row not for all row.

Where is the issue ? Need Help.

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1 Answer 1

You are calling

submitTerms("<?php echo $row['hashtag']; ?>", "1", "2");

which translates to

submitTerms("movies", "1", "2");

(movies is an example ofcourse)

The javascript normalizes this call to: getTweets("movies", 1, 2) where 1 is the page number and 2 is the callback method. This is where your problem seems to be. You have not defined a callback method called '2'.

If you leave this out, your returned JSON will contain an array key called 'results' which is itself an array containing your resultset. You can access this resultset by properly defining your $.getJSON method. The second parameter is the data that is SEND to the server, not the data that comes back from the server, this is stored in the third parameter, see:

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The third parameter "2" is totalcount of page. Which means it'll count upto the 2 pages. – Sky Apr 6 '13 at 18:35
You are correct, missed a , there. – Christian-G Apr 6 '13 at 18:48
And your count shows the count from the last row because getData calls getTweets for every next page – Christian-G Apr 6 '13 at 18:49
Yes that is the issue. – Sky Apr 6 '13 at 18:50
See the original code : – Sky Apr 6 '13 at 18:51

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