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In my project I had to create a module, lets say it's name is "intjobs.vb", and I want to call a sub in it which is called dorow.

Here is the module:

 Module intjobs

    Public Sub dorow(fldtype, fldid, flddlvl)

      Dim fdt As New dataTDataSet.fieldsDataTable
      Dim dr As DataRow = fdt.NewRow
      dr.Item(0) = "del"
      dr.Item(1) = "up"
      dr.Item(2) = "down"
      dr.Item(3) = fldtype
      dr.Item(4) = False
      dr.Item(5) = fldid.ToString
      dr.Item(6) = flddlvl.ToString
      'Dim log As String = "Sub name: dorow {somevalue}"
      'logger(2, log)
  End Sub
End Module

So when I put this sub in the same windows form with the datagridview, it works perfectly, but it doesn't add any row when I use this module.

Please help.

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You can achieve that by using the right Modifier:

  1. Set the Modifier of the grid view as Public.
  2. In the Module use a code similar to this:

    Public Sub Modify_Cross_Module(ByRef DataGrid As DataGridView, _
                               ByVal firstColumnVal As String, _
                               ByVal secondColumnVal As String)
    DataGrid.Rows.Add(firstColumnVal, secondColumnVal)
    End Sub

You have to make sure that the DataGrid variable as ByRef.

When you call that sub, use the following code:

Modify_Cross_Module(DataGridView1, "FirstVal", "SecondVal")

Where DataGridView1 is the DataGridView you want to add row to it.

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thanks so much that was so helpful –  Haytham Mtair Apr 6 '13 at 20:53
uh, i just had one problem, that is i have 2 windows forms the first is Main and second called OPT so form OPT is calling the sub in the module but form Main is that one which contains the DataGridView so the sub must be called by the main form i just tried to add a little sub to the main form which only calls the sub in this module sorry for abusing this but if you know another method, am just trying to keep the main form clear thanks again –  Haytham Mtair Apr 6 '13 at 21:01
You're welcome... Actually, I didn't understand what are you trying to do. What do you mean by OPT? What I understood: you have two forms, Form1 calls Form2. Form1 contains the datagridview. You need to add row to that datagridview in Form1 by an order from Form2, is that what you trying to do? –  IWIH Apr 7 '13 at 17:44
thats it, so as i said i just added a sub wich redirects the call of the module from Form1 into Form2, means in Form2 btn_click calls public sub in Form1 public sub in Form1 calls Modify_Cross_Module but i should keep Form1 clear if i can –  Haytham Mtair Apr 7 '13 at 19:05
Here is my advice: keeping the form clean does not mean to shatter its objects (functions and subroutines), you start to divide the code in two main cases: When the GUI starts to be crowded or out of the familiar look to the users, you would divide the GUI itself into multiple forms, and When there is a need to use the same object in different classes and modules. Shattering your code make it harder to deal with it, and it would be clean for your eyes only, but to the processor, it would be more waste of time to keep calling and moving through threads. Greetings! –  IWIH Apr 8 '13 at 13:07

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