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I am using SysV for sending/receiving messages.

Inside the thread function of my Server class is where I create the key and MQ. This is done successfully and the mqID of the new MQ is stored in a char[] variable called mtext in a struct msgbuf

struct msgbuf {
    long mtype;
    char mtext[100];

This is how I create the mqID in the thread function of the server class:

void *thread_function(void *arg){
    int temp; //temp placement for current client
    key_t keyT;
    struct msgbuf bufT;
    keyT=ftok("mcs1.c", 'B'); //create key for client[temp]
    if ((client[temp].mqID=msgget(keyT, 0666 | IPC_CREAT))==-1){ //private mq for client[temp]
    bufT.mtype=2;   //1. SET MTYPE TO 2
    sprintf(bufT.mtext, "%d\n", client[temp].mqID);//2. SET MTEXT TO MQID OF PRIVATE MQ

    if (msgsnd(msqid, &bufT, sizeof(bufT.mtext),0)==-1) {perror("msgsnd");} //3. SEND TO CLIENT using global MQ


The MQID of the new MQ i just created is stored in bufT

In the client class, This is how I rcv the MQID and create the MQ:

if(msgrcv(msqid, &buf, sizeof(buf.mtext), 2, 0) == -1){ //RECEIVE ACK MSG
            printf("ack received\n");
    key_t key1;
    if ((mqT=msgget(key1, 0666)) == -1){
            printf("UNABLE TO JOIN PRIVATE MQ");
                    printf("%d", key1);

Whenever I run the server and then a client, it says msgget: No such file or directory on the terminal running the client program. Even though when I print the key in the client class and is the correct key, it still can't join the MQ. Is there a reason for this?

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No such file or directory error occurs when a file name is specified and the file should exist but does not, or when one of the directories in a path name does not exist. It occurs with msgget() when key does not refer to any object and the IPC_CREAT flag is not set.

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But I use ipcs to test if the Server creates the MQ and it does, the client just refuses to join the already made MQ –  JA3N Apr 7 '13 at 1:59
Access permissions on client and server side? –  Randy Howard Apr 7 '13 at 17:03
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Found the mistake. Instead of

sprintf(bufT.mtext, "%d\n", client[temp].mqID);

it should be

sprintf(bufT.mtext, "%d\n", keyT);

Was trying to join a MQ with a MQID instead of a key.

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