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I have a base controller (base) which all other controllers extend from. Anything placed here will override other controllers, the redirects will be here.

URLs example:


Using the code below. will give me the controller name


Each of the above controllers need to be redirected to separate URLs, but the funcation part should not change:


In my base controller i want the following logic:

    $controller_name =   $this->uri->segment(1);

    if($controller_name === 'controllerone'){
       // replace the controller name with new one and redirect, how ?
    }else if($controller_name === 'controllertwo'){
     // replace the controller name with new one and redirect, how ?
        // continue as normal

i was thinking i should use redirect() function and str_replace(), but dont know how efficient these would be. Ideally i do not want to use the Routing class.


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CodeIgniter's URI Routing, should be able to help in this case. However, if you have a good reason not to use it, then this solution may help.

The potential redirects are in an array, where the key is the controller name being looked for in the URL and the value is the name of the controller to redirect to. This may not be the most efficient but I think it should be easier to manage and read than a potentially very long if-then-else statement.

//Get the controller name from the URL
$controller_name = $this->uri->segment(1);
//Alternative: $controller_name = $this->router->fetch_class();

//List of redirects
$redirects = array(
    "controllerone" => "newcontrollerone",
    "controllertwo" => "newcontrollertwo",
    //...add more redirects here

//If a redirect exists for the controller    
if (array_key_exists($controller_name, $redirects))
    //Controller to redirect to
    $redirect_controller = $redirects[$controller_name];
    //Create string to pass to redirect
    $redirect_segments = '/'
                       . $redirect_controller
                       . substr($this->uri->uri_string(), strlen($controller_name)); //Function, parameters etc. to append (removes the original controller name)
    redirect($redirect_segments, 'refresh');    
    //Do what you want...
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thanks for the reply, should this be redirect($redirect_url, 'refresh'); >> redirect($redirect_segments, 'refresh'); ? –  TheDeveloper Apr 7 '13 at 13:18
Yes, it should be, sorry! –  jleft Apr 7 '13 at 13:25
all seem good to me, thanks –  TheDeveloper Apr 8 '13 at 18:39


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I think redirect('newcontroller/'.$this->uri->segment(2)); would be more idiomatic with CodeIgniter. –  complex857 Apr 6 '13 at 20:17

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