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I am considering moving from FogBugz to TFS 2012 for our bug/defect tracking. In FogBugz it's easy to create areas such as Database, Reports, etc. I went to the work items area and it had one that matched the project name. I created children of that to match our different teams. I later decided to add teams in TFS (I'm new to TFS, a lot to figure out!) so it created work areas to match the teams. So now I have:

--Blah Team
--Foo Team

Now I want to go back and delete Blah and Foo because it is foolish and confusing the way it is now.

How can I delete these work item areas I no longer want?

Thank you.

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I just found it right after posting! You can right-click on the items and there is the delete option. Duh! –  Neal Apr 6 '13 at 19:34

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Go to team web access then right-click the items you no longer want and a context menu will appear with options such as delete.

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