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I'm working on a non-blocking script and it's works fine but when i try to load jQuery, its loads but i cant execute jQuery functions like this simple alert:

        alert('jQuery loaded !');

Here is what im trying:

    var xhrObj = XMLHttpRequest();
    xhrObj.onreadystatechange = 
            if(xhrObj.readyState == 4){
                var element = document.createElement("script");             
                element.text = xhrObj.responseText;
        };'GET', 'js/jquery.js', true);

and tried it too:

var js = document.createElement('script');
js.src = 'js/jquery.js';
var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];

Here is the result of Firebug error:

ReferenceError: $ is not defined    


but when i check Firebug network, jQuery is loaded....

Need some help.. Thanks !

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probably by the time you look at it in Firebug, it's loaded; but when it first tries to execute $, jQuery isn't loaded – Jonathan Apr 6 '13 at 19:38
if $ is not defined, that's a sure sign that jQuery is'nt loaded, unless some other function is doing $ = undefined after jQuery loads. Did you try jQuery(document).ready(function(){ ... }); – adeneo Apr 6 '13 at 19:39
Can you provide your HTML code? It would help analyse your issue. – Bechir Apr 6 '13 at 19:39
This will probably help you. – Ohgodwhy Apr 6 '13 at 19:59

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