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I am using DotNetOpenAuth 4.0.20926 and trying to implement an OAuth2 based Authentication server with Db Nonce provider.

For some purpose I want to access username in NonceStore's StoreNonce function while processing the GetToken request. I am not getting a way to retrieve Username in that call.

How can I solve this problem?

Hey Andrew thanks for your reply and DotNetOpenAuth.

My GetToken Method is like this

  public ActionResult Token()
     string userName = "";  
     //Want to fetch username here 
     //Using username here 
     var result = this.authorizationServer.HandleTokenRequest(this.Request);
     return result.AsActionResult();

And I want to fetch the username before calling HandleTokenRequest.
Is there any Message Parser or Helper method to fetch the username from the request data / Code value .

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The point at which you want to use the username isn't quite possible. There isn't a user associated with the HTTP request directly as the request to a Token endpoint comes from the client app. Some authorization grant comes in, and inside that there can be an authorizing username, but you'd need to decipher the authorization grant to discover it (and validate it first). Before I can make a recommendation though, I'd need to know what you're using it for. – Andrew Arnott Apr 27 '13 at 18:01

As you've observed, the interface does not pass the username into the StoreNonce method. So the only way you may possibly be able to get the username would be for you to discover what it is first, before you instantiate your INonceStore instance, and pass it to that nonce store first, so that later when StoreNonce is invoked, it already knows the username.

That said, I believe any design where storing and checking a nonce requires the username needs some rethinking. Not only is it a mixing of concerns that otherwise should remain separate, you may be limiting yourself going forward or even introducing security holes.

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I have updated the question please help... – Mukesh Agarwal Apr 10 '13 at 16:32

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