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I'm having two tables like this:


Movie    Date-last-downloaded
 A              1-1-1111
 B              2-2-2222
 C              3-3-3333
 D              4-4-4444
 E              5-5-5555


Movie    Date-last-purchased
 A              0-0-0000
 B              3-3-3333
 C              5-5-5555
 G              2-2-2222
 H              7-7-7777

and I'm trying to find the last download OR purchase of each movie. That is:

  • If a movie is both purchased and downloaded, return whichever date is later (most recent)
  • Otherwise, if it's only downloaded and not purchased (and vice-versa), return the Date-last-downloaded (or Date-last-purchased)

how can I do it?

The end result should be something like this:

Movie    Date-last-purchased-or-downloaded
 A              1-1-1111
 B              3-3-3333
 C              5-5-5555
 D              4-4-4444
 E              5-5-5555
 G              2-2-2222
 H              7-7-7777

(the question name is misleading - I would appreciate it if someone would think of a better one and fix it for me)

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select  movie
,       max(dt)
from    (
        select  Movie
        ,       Date-last-downloaded as dt
        from    LastDownloaded
        union all
        select  Movie
        ,       Date-last-purchased
        from    LastPurchased
        ) SubQueryAlias
group by
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thanks, it works great! But can you please explain why you only set the alias dt for Date-last-downloaded and not Date-last-purchased? Will Date-last-purchased be labeled as dt by default since it comes after Date-last-downloaded? – Chin Apr 6 '13 at 20:22
A column can have only one nane. The first query of a union determines the column names of the result set. – Andomar Apr 6 '13 at 20:33
    coalesce(, movie,
    ) Date_last_purchased_or_downloaded
    lastdownloaded ld
    full outer join
    lastpurchased lp on =
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