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I am trying to add a feature to some audio processing software I have written.

My software already captures sound from a microphone input, processes it in real time, and sends the result to a speaker output. (This is already a threaded application.) I've been using javax.sound.sampled.* and working with wav data (transforming it to and from numerical samples to do the processing.

I would like to add a feature to save both the raw input and the transformed output of a session with this software to wav files. But the signature for creating a new wav file (e.g., WavFile.newWavFile(...) seems to want to know in advance how many frames of data it is going to receive. Since these are live sessions of indeterminate time, I have no way of knowing this information before hand.

Am I missing something? Is there some way around this, other than a hack like saving files of data or samples, and then post-processing it?

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Most audio file writers need to know the full file size before writing to an output stream. There's an open source project called Tritonus which is an implementation of the Java sound API that has an AudioOutputStream plugin you could try.

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