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I'm new to ggplot2 and I'm trying to figure out how I can add a line to an already existing plot I created. The original plot, which is the cumulative distribution of a column of data T1 from a data frame x, has about 100,000 elements in it. I have successfully plotted this using ggplot2 and stat_ecdf() with the code I posted below. Now I want to add another line using a set of (x,y) coordinates, but when I try this using geom_line() I get the error message:

Error in data.frame(x = c(0, 7.85398574631245e-07, 3.14159923334398e-06,  : 
arguments imply differing number of rows: 1001, 100000

Here's the code I'm trying to use:

> set.seed(42)
> x <- data.frame(T1=rchisq(100000,1))
> ps <- seq(0,1,.001)
> ts <- .5*qchisq(ps,1) #50:50 mixture of chi-square (df=1) and 0
> p <- ggplot(x,aes(T1)) + stat_ecdf() + geom_line(aes(ts,ps))

That's what produces the error from above. Now here's the code using base graphics that I used to use but that I am now trying to move away from:

plot(ecdf(x$T1),xlab="T1",ylab="Cum. Prob.",xlim=c(0,4),ylim=c(0,1),main="Empirical vs. Theoretical Distribution of T1")

I've seen some other posts about adding lines in general, but what I haven't seen is how to add a line when the two originating vectors are not of the same length. (Note: I don't want to just use 100,000 (x,y) coordinates.)

As a bonus, is there an easy way, similar to using abline, to add a drop line on a ggplot2 graph?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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ggplot deals with data.frames, you need to make ts and ps a data.frame then specify this extra data.frame in your call to geom_line:

 x <- data.frame(T1=rchisq(100000,1))
 ps <- seq(0,1,.001)
 ts <- .5*qchisq(ps,1) #50:50 mixture of chi-square (df=1) and 0
 tpdf <- data.frame(ts=ts,ps=ps)
 p <- ggplot(x,aes(T1)) + stat_ecdf() + geom_line(data=tpdf, aes(ts,ps))

enter image description here

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