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How do i go about mocking facades with arguments in laravel 4? For instance, i'm trying to test my user controller and in my 'login' method.

my controller method

public function login(){


    $creds = array(
        'email'    => Input::get('email'),
        'password' => Input::get('password'),

    if(Auth::attempt($creds, true)){
        return "successful";
    } else {
        return Redirect::to('user/login')->with('error', true);

the redirect test that doesn't work

    public function testPostLogin(){

        Redirect::shouldReceive('to')->once()->with('error', true);

        $response = $this->action('POST', 'UserController@login');



I'm getting the following exception. I don't know how to inject the 'user/login' paramater into the Redirect mock

Mockery\Exception\NoMatchingExpectationException : No matching handler found for Illuminate\Routing\Redirector::to("user/login")

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In theory you can just mock your Auth class.

Try this:

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