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I have batch file which attempts to launch a java application:

java -jar myProgram*.jar

I would like the batch file to evaluate the wildcard * in order to find the program regardless of version numbers. So it should find myProgram1.jar, or myProgram438.jar and run it.

But this batch file yields:

Error: Unable to access jarfile myProgram*.jar

It looks like the arguments to java are not being processed by the shell. Is there a way to expand the wildcard in the arguments before passing them? I know that Bash has backtics which could do this. Is it possible to do in windows?

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If there are more program*.jar in the folder you have to specify, which you want to start. The script starts the "last found":

@echo off&setlocal
for %%i in (myProgram*.jar) do set "jarProg=%%~i"
java -jar %jarProg%

You don't need "Cygwin" for this.

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That does it. Thanks! – zaz Apr 6 '13 at 23:23

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