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I'm using rails and uploading images via the carrier wave plugic to AWS. I started caching the images with memcached/dalli, and it works fine for a bit...but then all images show up as broken after a while (either approx 20-30 mins or when using a different browser).

Here's an example...caching this set of images, where post.avatar_url is the AWS url for the image. Images normally load fine without caching...but caching seems to cause broken images eventually.

  <% cache ["homeimages", post] do %>
    <%= link_to image_tag(post.avatar_url), post %>
  <% end %>

What is causing the images to break?

Thank you!

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Are you uploading them as private or public? If they are private the reason why they would no longer be accessible from that url after 20-30 minutes is the permissions token on the image, which would be provided by the avatar_url method, is expiring meaning the S3 will respond with 404 file not found.

Make the images public, or try something like the following instead

<% cache(["homeimages", post], :expires_in => 20.minutes) do %>
   <%= link_to image_tag(post.avatar_url), post %>
<% end %>

The 20.minutes being what ever time the access token last. Meaning the cache will never outlast the token.


Also you do realize that your not "caching the images with memecached/dalli", but rather the img tag?

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Thank you. New to this. Did not realize that I was just caching the tag vs. the image. –  user749798 Apr 6 '13 at 21:40

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