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I'm using Python 2.7 with colorama 0.2.5. I'm calling a method, that prints some coloured text:

from colorama import Fore
from colorama import Style
from colorama import init

    def sendData(self):
        print("Sending data..."),
        print(Style.BRIGHT + "[ " + Fore.GREEN + "OK" + Fore.RESET + " ]" + Style.RESET_ALL) ## Prints coloured text


This part of code gives the user some terminal output in a GUI application (made with pyqt).

Running this script by using the Python interpreter works the way it should on both Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7. However, when I compile it to one executable file using PyInstaller (using the --onefile flag), things change:

  • On Ubuntu 12.04, when running the executable from a Terminal, I'm getting coloured terminal output, the way I want it to be.
  • On Windows 7, when running the executable from cmd, the GUI runs fine, but I'm not getting terminal output.

If it helps, the flags I give along with the PyInstaller command are -F (one-file) and -w (windowed mode).

How can I get the executable to print coloured text in cmd in Windows 7?

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The only way to do this is by not using the -w flag.

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