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I normally do custom webapps using Symfony2, but I have to integrate into a WordPress install.

I can't seem to get the Embed Your Own JavaScript input box to save. I've added the script, clicked update a thousand times. No dice.

I've looked at the Network tab on Chrome while clicking update and it's sending the info in the POST variable thesis_javascript_scripts. I also scoured the database for anything relating to it, but found nothing.

Where is this info supposed to be stored? And why it's not being saved?

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@brasofilo Good edit. Thanks, bro. –  keyboardSmasher Apr 7 '13 at 3:24

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It's in the wp_postmeta table with the appropriate post_id with the meta_key: thesis_javascript_scripts

When I updated the meta_value in phpMyAdmin, it started saving in Wordpress. Very weird.

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