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I want to create a type in Clojure only visible from the current namespace.

Having a type my-type defined in my.ns

(ns my.ns)

(deftype my-type

How to avoid the usual import strategy, making the type private?

(ns other.ns

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You cannot prevent your types from being imported, since they are just public classes. You can make the factory functions private like so:

(deftype Foo [])

(alter-meta! #'->Foo assoc :private true)

For a completely hidden "type", you could use reify in a private factory function:

(defn ^:private make-foo [& args]
  (reify SomeProtocol
    (method1 [this] ...)))

One potential problem here is that you will not be able to use extend-type and similar to augment such a "type".

Protocols, on the other hand, can be made private, with the caveat that their accompanying interfaces will still be public:

(defprotocol ^:private PFoo
  (^:private foo [this]))

:private metadata is needed on both the protocol Var and the individual methods, since they receive their own separate Vars. With the above in place, the interface some.ns.PFoo will still be public, but the protocol some.ns/PFoo will not.

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Agreed about Protocols, but are different uses cases. Types are similar to Records, since both of them can implement Protocols. I wan't to avoid someone external from (ab)using the local defined Type, it's not an interface thing IMO. – Guillermo Winkler Apr 7 '13 at 23:30

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