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I use jscrollpane in my horizontal divison where jscroll help to scroll . Problem is divison data is loaded with the help of ajax. And jscrollpane doesn't show scrollbar until the width of browser is changed.

As i am using


Method to reinitialise scrollbar on width change. So can anyone provide me solution so that once a data is loaded with the help of ajax after that it automatically reinitialise and shows me the scroll bar.

Also i load the data from json and parse it so it takes time to load into browser.

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You should initialise jscrollpane scrollers after ajax data is loaded. if you use jscrollpane before. it wont show.

Thats why when you resize the browser window the api.reinitialise(); works to load jscrollpane automatically and adjust its width with respect to browser window.

Call jscrollpane when your ajax data is loaded into division.

For eg



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