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I have dynamically-generated strings which contain HTML links. For example, the string might contain:

You can visit <a class="hyperlink" href="https://www.stackoverflow.com">Stack Overflow</a> or <a class="hyperlink" href="https://www.reddit.com">Reddit.com</a> for help, or you can visit <a href="hyperlink" href="https://www.google.com">https://www.google.com</a>

I'm trying to find all hrefs and instead generate new URLs for them, then insert them back into the string. So the example above, if run successfully, would look like:

You can visit <a class="hyperlink" href="https://mydomain.com/www.stackoverflow.com">Stack Overflow</a> or <a class="hyperlink" href="https://mydomain.com/reddit.com">Reddit.com</a> for help, or you can visit <a href="hyperlink" href="https://mydomain.com/www.google.com">https://www.google.com</a>

I'm very new to Python and haven't been successful at figuring out how to find an href and prepend its value with my "custom" domain. Any insight would be highly appreciated!

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This is the perfect place to use a regular expression.

import re

text = 'You can visit <a class="hyperlink" href="https://www.stackoverflow.com">Stack Overflow</a>'
new_text = re.sub(r'href="http(s)?:\/\/(.+?)"', r'href="https://mydomain.com/\2"', text)
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Perfect. Thank you! –  sullivanmatt Apr 6 '13 at 23:38

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