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I'm trying to design a scheme for event logs, which record page view flow on webpages, using Neo4j.

I'm interested in finding page view flows to a certain collection of pages (URLs). I'm thinking defining nodes as page view events and important properties include user id, timestamp, etc. The only relationship between nodes is visit.

I'm completely new to Neo4j. So is this design reasonable?

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Makes sense. I would probably model the user as a node too, which is connected to the view event. –  Michael Hunger Apr 9 '13 at 6:32

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If the properties are recurring, I would model them as nodes, too. You could even look at things like http://datablend.be/?p=1516 for inspiration.

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Please update your answer with a new link as the existing one is currently unavailable. –  Garbit May 19 at 12:45

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