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I am building an iOS app using storyboards and Google Maps. Using iOS6 - Apple maps has a method

-(void)mapView:(MKMapView*)mapView didUpdateUserLocation:(MKUserLocation *)userLocation { }

Looking over the documentation online and the googleMaps.framework in xCode I did not find any clues to a similar method.

What I am trying to do is when a user reaches a marker on the map - let the user know that they reached that destination.

Does a method like shown above exist in google maps? and/or what do I need to do to achieve what I stated earlier.

Any guidance on this matter would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

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The GMSMapView class has a myLocation property, which you can observe for changes when the user's location moves. See this question for full details:

about positioning myself,some problems

Another approach to look into could be the startMonitoringForRegion: method, which you can use to receive a notification when the user moves inside a region (eg, close to the destination marker):

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The myLocation property seems to be doing the trick, thanks much – jchri853 Apr 7 '13 at 23:35

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