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I have a problem in C#.... I am trying to make a project for a Mini Market... and I want to bind it with a Server. In our lesson, we did a little project, where we created an Client, a Server and a Class as a reference. Those were Console Application in C#. And it worked. I wanted now to make the client in windows form application but the problem is when I want to register the channel!! it shows me and error

Here is the print screen image: Click here to see the image

The error is like:

"System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(System.Remting.Channels.IChannel)) is a 'method' but it used like a 'type'

I have added the namespace for Channel. I tried to change the .Net Framework (i tried 4.0 Client, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0) but it didn't worked!!.

Can someone help me??

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Took me a second to see this, but the problem is that you are making the call outside of a method block.

If you want this to occur on construction, then you need to move your code into the Form1() code

public Form1()
    HttpChannel chan = new HttpChannel();
    //Shitja code

if you need the chan variable later, then you can do this:

HttpChannel chan;
public Form1()
    chan = new HttpChannel();

Also, since 2.0 MSDN has marked this method as obsolete in favor of the overload with 2 params

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