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I have a project that is done in PHP , uses mysql database . It searches for a company that owes money to company ... up to 60- companies long and returns the ones related directly to the first company, a closed circle . Now I am to convert it from mysql , where tables with results are filled in on a week basis to NEO4J-which is great . I am thinking on moving from PHP to JSP+Servlet web application . I have some Java knowledge but not in web development , I passed some training but never had to do a web project in Java -did it all in PHP, faster ,cheaper and more simple . I understand that I must use a MVC pattern and javabeans to develop my new app.The question is should I go the java way or stick to PHP and use the php neo4j library . Should I use servlets + jsp or something else . I need to keep the development as simple as possible . I am considering java because of neo4j libraries . I could use java the same way I use PHP - no special frameworks .It will be hosted on a dedicated server . I would not use anything else but plain java jsp , servlets and javabeans.

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There are so many things to consider here... it isn't possible to give you a good answer without knowing much more about your situation. I'm afraid you will have to narrow your question or hire a consultant. –  Brad Apr 7 '13 at 0:55
You can use Neo4j embedded in a standalone jetty with something lightweight like the spark web framework. Works pretty well. But you can also stick with PHP, Neo4j's PHP support is pretty good. –  Michael Hunger Apr 9 '13 at 6:30

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I am no expert in PHP. I work as a Java developer (and I would even hesitate to call my self an expert in that)

The problem with Java development is that you have to make quite alot of choices (like build framework, dependecy injection, persistece, templating etc). If you are dwelling into Java I would encourage you to use Springsource stack (Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Data)

But that may be a very big learning curve.

You could also try out nodejs and neo4j nodejs support as an alternative.

In any case you will have to learn quite alot of new things. Investing time in Java has paid off for me so far (lots of available libraries, big community, lots of jobs)

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