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I have Amazon S3 where all of my files are stored. Currently my users can go to a link where they can stream, but not download, audio and video files. How can I set up a link through either Amazon S3 or perhaps Amazon CloudFront that will allow someone to download an MP3 file or something of that nature?

Thanks for any advice!

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You must set the file's content header to something other than the media type the browser understands. For example:

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=FILENAME.EXT
Content-Type: application/octet-stream

This used to be a big issue if you wanted to have both features (ability to display/view and ability to download) and you used to have to proxy the file download through your EC2 or other annoying ways. Now S3 has it built in:

You can override values for a set of response headers using the query parameters listed in the following table. These response header values are only sent on a successful request, that is, when status code 200 OK is returned. The set of headers you can override using these parameters is a subset of the headers that Amazon S3 accepts when you create an object. The response headers that you can override for the GET response are Content-Type, Content-Language, Expires, Cache-Control, Content-Disposition, and Content-Encoding. To override these header values in the GET response, you use the request parameters described in the following table. (linke above)

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