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I am trying to export some text from Python into a Libre/OpenOffice Writer document which I created according to these instructions.

For example, using

cursor.setPropertyValue("CharHeight", 20)
cursor.setPropertyValue("CharWeight", 150)
document.Text.insertString(cursor, "This Is Heading One", 0)

I can make a line of text look like a heading, but it's just text and not an actual heading. What property values do I have to modify to generate a heading line that's picked up for the TOC?

In general, where is the documentation for the properties, and how to navigate the Writer document in general? I'm having a very hard time digging up anything at all!

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I guess this hasn't attracted much interest on stackoverflow :) Neither has it in the forum over at LibreOffice.

Fortunately, the folks over at OpenOffice had a few good pointers, and a thread with above questions and more is here. I'm going to keep discussing various aspects of document creation over there.

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