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I am looking to use github to manage a couple of different developers working on the same code base. The application is a php application with a mysql db. I assume I would set up a test environment with my internet hosting provider. My question is this:

When I check out the files to do development locally on my pc how do I test? Do I have to do a push, merge and publish to the test server every time? It seems the only way otherwise we would all be testing against different data and schema's on local installs of the application. What am I missing?

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My group has been using Gerrit and Git for our collaboration. It allows one to review source code from collaborators, and you can configure it to build as needed.

If not Gerrit, I'd recommend that you have a server that looks periodically for updates, then pulls those and tests those automatically-- giving yourself a continuous build environment. It can make a world of difference in stability in your code base.

Here is a reference for a tutorial:


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