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I have a dropdown box that I would like to select a value using WebDriverJS. I've looked at the user guide below and could not find out how to do it


I even try a few things that was documented for Java version like this:


And it just simply says that "Select" does not exist.

I went through the source and still cannot find anything that I can use.

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This should achieved by

selectElem = driver.findElement(webdriver.By.id("vote"))
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I am using webdriverjs and want to select the option by index, so did:

driver.click('#my_select_box').click('#my_select_box option:nth-child(3)')
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I shared a function to select a drop down item by it's text here.

The code:

function selectOption(selector, item){
    var selectList, desiredOption;

    selectList = this.findElement(selector);

        .then(function findMatchingOption(options){
                option.getText().then(function doesOptionMatch(text){
                    if (item === text){
                        desiredOption = option;
                        return true;
        .then(function clickOption(){
            if (desiredOption){

use with:

driver.selectOption = selectOption.bind(driver);
driver.selectOption(webdriver.By.id('my-dropdown'), 'My Value');
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The following code defines the available selectors in WebDriverJS:

webdriver.Locator.Strategy = {
  'className': webdriver.Locator.factory_('class name'),
  'class name': webdriver.Locator.factory_('class name'),
  'css': webdriver.Locator.factory_('css selector'),
  'id': webdriver.Locator.factory_('id'),
  'js': webdriver.Locator.factory_('js'),
  'linkText': webdriver.Locator.factory_('link text'),
  'link text': webdriver.Locator.factory_('link text'),
  'name': webdriver.Locator.factory_('name'),
  'partialLinkText': webdriver.Locator.factory_('partial link text'),
  'partial link text': webdriver.Locator.factory_('partial link text'),
  'tagName': webdriver.Locator.factory_('tag name'),
  'tag name': webdriver.Locator.factory_('tag name'),
  'xpath': webdriver.Locator.factory_('xpath')

goog.exportSymbol('By', webdriver.Locator.Strategy);

Source: https://code.google.com/p/selenium/source/browse/javascript/webdriver/locators.js

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This is not actually clicking the option, but it does in fact select it.

  1. Find select element
  2. Click select element
  3. Type option text into select element using sendKeys()
  4. Click select element
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